We manufacture customized cosmetic products even in small quantities

We offer comprehensive advice: Our specialists will accompany you through the different phases of the process, simplifying and facilitating the materialization of your project, all in one place.

We can handle product development (R&D), brand design, regulatory, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing support.

With more than 2,100 formulas developed, and specializing in natural cosmetics, we continue to create and innovate with exclusive formulations, adapted to your requirements… natural or not.

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Third Party Manufacturing or Customized Cosmetics is the manufacturing of cosmetics for a client who will later sell that product with its own brand to the final consumer.

At Klein Cosmetics Laboratories we are oriented to satisfy the needs of the different areas of the sector. We have experience manufacturing customized products for cosmetics distributors, stores, e-commerce companies, perfumeries, aesthetic medicine and esthetic centers, pharmacies and parapharmacies, spas and spas, pet and veterinary stores, and products for specific niches, among others.

You will have top quality products that have been formulated, designed and oriented to the end consumer, to strengthen your brand and generate higher profits.

Our work system is highly optimized and structured, which allows us a very agile pace of production and short delivery times compared to the usual ones in the sector.

How does our service work?

This is how the Klein Cosmetics Laboratories’ service works


Technical-commercial meeting at Klein Cosmetics Laboratories. Definition of the sample.


Klein Laboratories prepares the agreed samples.


Presentation of samples to the client and approval of the sample.


Choice of container and packaging. Graphic design of logo and packaging.


Approval of the budget according to the defined characteristics.


Production in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices.


Legal filing of the cosmetic: Certificates, applications, reports, and documentation.


Final delivery of products and documentation.

Benefits of working with Laboratorios Klein Cosmética

  • Extensive experience.

  • Adaptation of products to market trends.

  • Gama de productos naturales y veganos certificables.

  • Possibility of customized formulation.

  • Design team that will take care of your image and brand, not neglecting any detail.

  • We offer a comprehensive service, but we can also take care of only those services you require: formulation, manufacturing, packaging, or labeling.

  • Counter-typing of existing products.

  • Confidentiality when dealing with customers.

  • The advantages of personalized cosmetics are the quality-price ratio, with higher sales margins compared to the purchase of products of the usual brands.

  • Having your own branded cosmetics means customer loyalty, as well as a permanent capacity for innovation and the possibility of having trendy products.

Options to develop your brand


Avanced Customization

Choose your cosmetics from our catalogs. Customize the design of your products, product names and texts.


Global Customization

Customize products from start to finish, from ingredients to design. Our R&D team will work to make your dream come true.

Our clients have achieved TOP certifications in cosmetics

Wide range of packaging

Receive our complete packaging catalog!

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium products already comply with the European regulations for cosmetic products, which require different types of mandatory tests to be carried out in order to receive them. What would have to be done is to register the products and your company in the European Portal.

At Klein Cosmetics Laboratories we develop cosmetics from the initial consultation to the delivery of the finished products, which means that you will receive your products labeled, with printed boxes, and if you wish with other promotional materials.

At Klein Cosmetics Laboratories we have our own in-house design department specialized in the design of cosmetic products, with which we develop the corporate image and packaging design for our clients, as well as any other application you may need.

To prototype products, we would need samples of what we want to manufacture, with a minimum of 50 ml. per product. Experience shows that what is published on labels does not always match, so our Master Formulator goes by textures and ingredient list (when it matches). You would formulate only once and send a sample that allows for only one modification. Before formulating you would fill out a comprehensive form to ensure that the requirements are put in writing. If after the first sample and modification you are not satisfied, you must pay for another formulation.

Preferably we work from vectorized Illustrator (.ai) files. If you do not have vector files, please contact our design department to find a solution.