Expand your business marketing cosmetic products

cosmetic products with wide sales margins.

Contact Klein Cosmetics Laboratories and learn more.

Expand your business marketing cosmetic products

cosmetic products with wide sales margins.

Contact us and learn more.


If you own a shop, hairdressing, or beauty salon, or if you are dedicated to the world of beauty and health, this is the perfect complement for your business, a highly profitable investment that will help you to build customer loyalty.


  • Trending products: we offer you a wide catalog adapted to market trends, with products currently in high demand in the market.

  • Natural products: We have extensive experience in the development of this type of products.

  • Latest generation technological assets: We incorporate the latest generation technological assets.

  • Commercial and technical advisors at your disposal: our specialized professionals are at your disposal to support you in all phases of your project.

  • Fast delivery times: your customers will have the products ready to sell 50% faster than other laboratories.

  • International shipments: expand your business to other markets as well. We have more than 10 years of experience in exporting cosmetics.

Benefits of working with Klein Cosmetics Laboratories

  • Diversity of products in each of our brands.

  • Quality guarantee.

  • The support of a laboratory with extensive experience.

  • National and international shipments.

  • Constant innovation.


Other certifications of our customers

We offer you our brands ranging from the freshest and youngest to the highest-level ranges, including sports and natural products.

Our Own Brands

Droctor Klein

Protect your skin and take maximum care of it with products specially developed by the only laboratory specializing in natural cosmetics for sensitive and delicate skin.

In Spain, less than 1% of cosmetic brands have their own laboratory, among which only we are dedicated to the research and development of exclusive natural products for sensitive and delicate skin.


La Fabrica Artigianale

Holistic magisterial cosmetics

All the power of nature concentrated in these handcrafted cosmetics. Creams, serums, ointments and soaps with aromas, textures and colors that awaken the senses, balancing body and soul. Possibility of obtaining the ecological certificate.


Muscle massage cream developed and manufactured by athletes

Special body cream for before and after sports activity, with activating and regenerating action and a balanced hot/cold effect. Contains natural extracts from selected plants of our own manufacture. It takes care of the skin and provides a quick and pleasant sensation of comfort and well-being.


Effective and safe products for patients and professionals

Kledos Cell Tech has been committed to research since its inception as part of its DNA, allocating a good part of its resources to this area, as we are convinced that only through R+D+I are effective and safe products for patients and professionals. Our vision in this field is excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard support is white folding carton, and we use the grammage (the thickness of the cardboard) that is suitable for each specific project. But we can manufacture with a wide range of materials as required by the project.

The label backing can be transparent, white or any color, including metallized materials (silver or gold). We can also use any color of ink in addition to the colors produced in four-color process and spot colors (Pantone). We can also print metallic inks and white ink.

To prototype products, we would need samples of what we want to manufacture, with a minimum of 50 ml. per product. Experience shows that what is published on labels does not always match, so our Master Formulator goes by textures and ingredient list (when it matches). You would formulate only once and send a sample that allows for only one modification. Before formulating you would fill out a comprehensive form to ensure that the requirements are put in writing. If after the first sample and modification you are not satisfied, you must pay for another formulation.

Todo depende de las características de cada formulación y sus estudios. No hay un tiempo exacto de su fabricación.

Premium products already comply with the European regulations for cosmetic products, which require different types of mandatory tests to be carried out in order to receive them. What would have to be done is to register the products and your company in the European Portal.