The pandemic era has invited the world to reflect, with more and more people striving to live a more conscious life, and cosmetics is one of the sectors experiencing a growing demand from sustainably minded consumers.
Today’s consumers are more informed and look for brands that are transparent and convincing, where the main priority when buying cosmetics is “naturalness”. What they mean by this is not only natural ingredients, but also animal welfare, environmental compatibility, waste avoidance, sustainability and fair trade.
At Klein Cosmetics Laboratories we are committed to this redefinition of the cosmetics industry and see natural cosmetics as a fundamental part of a sustainable lifestyle.
In this context, we will visit Nuremberg, Germany, to participate in the most important international fair of the natural cosmetics sector Vivaness 2022, which will take place from 15 to 18 February 2022, and where after years of research, we will proudly present our range of natural and vegan cosmetic products formulated and made in Spain, with natural ingredients of the latest generation KTEK COSMETICS.
Our KTEK COSMETICS products are formulated with revolutionary active ingredients that manage to unify the most advanced technology and nature, enhancing the respect towards our body and the environment, without disregarding the advances that the science of innovation brings us.
Without a doubt, we are very happy to be close to living the Vivaness 2022 experience. We believe that Vivaness is the best place to talk about the future of the natural and organic cosmetics sector, a reliable source of inspiration and a trendsetter for all market players committed to this transformation.