Monetize on your popularity and influence on
social media with a wide cosmetics line.

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Get your own cosmetics product’s line. Show your followers your beauty routines, set trends, and it will drive them crazy for your products. Design customize and supervise every single detail.


  • Low revenue.
  • Getting followers.
  • Need of a business.
  • Need to differentiation.


  • Extra revenue.
  • Make profit from your popularity.
  • Earn loyalty and followers on social media.
  • Develop a personal image brand.
  • Distinction.

Advantages of working with
Laboratorios Klein Cosmética

  • An innovative business model.
  • Laboratory with wide experience.
  • In-house design team.
  • Products adaptation to the latest market trends.
  • Certifiable natural and vegan products catalogue available.
  • Continuous innovation.

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Frequently asked questions

If it is a Premium product, the estimated time once the logo has been confirmed is of three or four weeks.

If it is a customized product, it will depend on the required studies for the product. If the studied product does not require further modifications, it takes an estimated three to four months.

It depends on the characteristics of each formulation and its studies. There is no exact time set for its manufacturing.

To make a prototype, we would need samples of the product to manufacture, with at least 50 ml per product. Our experience shows that what is written in the labels is not always accurate, and thus, our Master Formulator is guided by texgtures and the ingredients list (when it is accurate). The formulation is done only once and a sample -which allows for one modification- is delivered. Before the formulation, you would fill in an exhaustive form to ensure that all the requirements are translated in writing. If after the first sample and modificiation you are not satified, a new formulation should be paid for.

The standard support is white folding cardboard, and we use the paper grade (cardboard thickness) that suits each specific project. However, we can manufacture with a wide range of materials, according to the project’s specifications.

The support for labels can be see-through, white or of any color- incluing metallic materials (silver and gold hues). We an use any ink color, including four-color printing and plain inks (Pantone), as well as printing with metallic and white inks.

From the moment an order is activated, our design department will start working and will get in contact with you to discuss with you every detail of your order. In a term of approximately 10 days, you will receive the first design proposals, and form these, you will be able to request two additional modifications.

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