We offer a premium line of cosmetic products and/or
we develop customized formulations with selected
ingredients taylored to your needs.

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Your own brands


Your personal project will fulfilled at the same time as you enhance your business identity. The final result will the highest level cosmetic products, customized with your image in every detail. This will provide you with a greater distinction regarding your competition.

External Brands

  • External brands do not establish your brand’s identity.
  • Lower profit margins.
  • Limited variety of products.
  • Little innovation.

Your own brand

  • Great value of money.
  • Higher profit margins.
  • Established brand images.
  • Continuous innovation.

Advantages of working with
Laboratorios Klein Cosmética

  • Wide experience.
  • Adaptation of products to the market´s trends.
  • A design team that will take care of your image in every single detail.
  • Certifiable line of vegan and natural products.
  • Customized formulation available.
  • Reproduction of existing products.
  • The advantages of customized cosmetics are the value for money, with higher profit margins than purchasing products from the usual brands.
  • Having cosmetics with your own brands creates customer loyalty, as well as continuous innovation capacity and the possibility of presenting trending products.
  • In our premium catalogue or/with custom formulation, you will have at your disposal natural and/or vegan products that can be certified.

Types Of Brands

Frequently asked questions

Each product goes through the following tests: dermic test, eye irritation test, formula stability test, thermal stability test, and compatibility with the packaging test. While it is true that the product is approved if it passes these tests, no product can ensure that it will not produce irritation to someone with a more sensitive skin. Even the most famous brands specify in their labels that in case of irritation, the user should stop its use and see a doctor.

50% is paid to carry out the order, and the remaining 50% is paid before shipping the product.

To make a prototype, we would need samples of the product to manufacture, with at least 50 ml per product. Our experience shows that what is written in the labels is not always accurate, and thus, our Master Formulator is guided by texgtures and the ingredients list (when it is accurate). The formulation is done only once and a sample -which allows for one modification- is delivered. Before the formulation, you would fill in an exhaustive form to ensure that all the requirements are translated in writing. If after the first sample and modificiation you are not satified, a new formulation should be paid for.

Premium products already comply with the European regulation of cosmetic products. To receive the required certification, tests with different characteristics should be performed. Else, your products and your business should be registered in the European Portal.

We generally prefer to work from vectorized Illustrator (.ai) files. If you do not have vectorized files, get in touch with our design department to find a solution.

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