Expand your business commercializing avant-garde technology
cosmetic products with large profits margins.

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If you own a store, hair salon or a beauty center, or if you work in the beauty and health industry, this will be the perfect complement for your business, a highly profitable investment that will help you get your client’s loyalty.


  • Business diversification.
  • Strict distribution agreements.
  • The need of additional incomes for your commercial activity.
  • Increase the range of products offered by your business, online store, etc.


  • Growth opportunity.
  • An extra income for your business.
  • Increase your target market.
  • Standing as an entrepreneur in the cosmetics industry.
  • Higher profits.

Advantages of working with
Laboratorios Klein Cosmética

  • Diversity of products in each of our brands.
  • Quality guarantee.
  • Endorsement of a laboratory with broad experience.
  • Domestic and international shipment.
  • Continuous innovation.

We put within your grasp our brands, which ranges from the freshest and most juvenile, to the most high-end products, also covering sports and natural products.

Frequently asked questions

From the moment an order is activated, our design department will start working and will get in contact with you to discuss with you every detail of your order. In a term of approximately 10 days, you will receive the first design proposals, and form these, you will be able to request two additional modifications.

The manufacturing process varies depending on the type of product you need. The minimum amount is 10 Kg per product. We have a Premium line that we have designed with the best raw materials and actives.

50% is paid to carry out the order, and the remaining 50% is paid before shipping the product.

Each product goes through the following tests: dermic test, eye irritation test, formula stability test, thermal stability test, and compatibility with the packaging test. While it is true that the product is approved if it passes these tests, no product can ensure that it will not produce irritation to someone with a more sensitive skin. Even the most famous brands specify in their labels that in case of irritation, the user should stop its use and see a doctor.

The standard support is white folding cardboard, and we use the paper grade (cardboard thickness) that suits each specific project. However, we can manufacture with a wide range of materials, according to the project’s specifications.

The support for labels can be see-through, white or of any color- incluing metallic materials (silver and gold hues). We an use any ink color, including four-color printing and plain inks (Pantone), as well as printing with metallic and white inks.

Other key channels that might be of your interest

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